Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Belgian finest ... beer

Chimay Bleu ... by our hombre Kerkie !!!

Maes and blonde Leffe , by "den toine" , who`s always bin
somekind of source of inspiration for us ,
so we keep on building bikes forever I guess.
Thx for everything You`ve done for us in the past man.

Again Maes uit 't fleske" by redneck stijn (sidecar -co driver).

Jupiler uit`t fleske (fleske = is a saying for small bottle in dutch),
AGAIN by Kerkie !!! , guess he`s
the one with the most expirience , or so.
Tribute and payback time to You man ,
for the lack of posts on this blog :)
Put a comment on this one , I`ve got some beauties waitin`, for ya
Still waiting for that shitload of pics bro ...

1 comment:

  1. DAMN U ....

    i'm just 2 buzzy with my f*cking job bro...
    But i send u some pics from my FN soon!
    aaargghhhh :-)


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