Friday, October 5, 2012

El Dolores

Now "El Pincho Negro" is sold to the Germans , new from the shelf is "El Dolores"
Based on a Matchless G9 engine ...
This just to let You know , we`re not death ...:)
Goin to be something different thats certain.
Again something barnbuild by our homie Kenny aka "the barber"
 and a few Unapproachables.
Remember this one "El Pincho Negro"

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ben Part./ sideburn magazine

Like ten to twelf years ago , we met Ben at Croix en tournois (FR).
We were havin`fun at the seventies cycle track days round easter.
He came driving on his amazing aloy dressed Guzzi all packed for the weekend,
from the Netherlands were he and a buddy of him had a "shop",
and it wasn`t a coffee shop, it was a custom bike shop .
That shop wasn`t well know , bud they did manage to build the sortlike Guzzi
for the Star Wars actor , Ewan Mc Gregor ... stunning set-up.
The guy wasn`t surrtenly a common guy , with his outstanding sideburns ,
huge seventies glasses , piercing in his ... naaee I donno.
Even during racesessions ,he was the only racer in a pure white coverall.
He came by our truck with the 10 or so ,bikes in front , guess he was even more
attracted to the pile of beer can`s out in the back.
He asked if he could stay over for a night or so . No problem I guess.
Don`t know exactly were he slept , if he slept at all.
Afterwards he did a full report on our black Ducati racer for the Ducati Factory Book
on the track of Assen Holland.
What a bloke that Ben part... I like him for what he is , surtenly for his photograf`s.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Unapproachables chillin`

Like a dowg , after 30min . roadracing (geert)

"Familia" on a sunny sunday afternoon .

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

El Pincho Negro

This is how she`s packed for travellin ...
Packed like a mule , but still beautifull

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mean green speedin` m`chine

Watcha think about that hm ... posing for pics
on the 60`s Lodola Tourismo .
Seems my baby boy on the back of the Van ,
got all excited from the Guzzi-sound I guess :)
He`s got the feeling , that`s certain .

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Almost ready to rumble ...

Total rebuild of the engine

Fairing redone , with white and black frame

Reworked the frame

Redone the sidecar-tubing , all sand blasted and powdercoated .
Finishing for our FTWCO sponsorship ...
We`ll keep ya posted .
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