Friday, March 5, 2010

Kerkie` set-up

Copper headlight mock-up, in between the legs ...

Swapmeet score ...

Like our latest creation "El Pincho Negro",
one of the Unapproachable dude`s Kerkie is buildin`
an old/new set-up , again in a homebuild Hardtailed frame
as it should be (any PICS bro ?)
His dad raised him as an all time handmade dude , so again it`s gone
be something different in "the Unapproachable history books".
Kerkie and his old man, also got some fine line-up of belgian`s
FN -motorcycles in their shed , pics of those are soon to come, I hope :)

Fat as it can be front-end , ripped of an aprilla streetbike.
Hope You didn`t injured the bloke for that bro ...:)

1 comment:

  1. pics of old skool FN motorsickle is commin' soon bro ! this week the front axe is ready so i can start lining up the frame !

    pics follow later


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