Monday, February 8, 2010

Once Upon a Time there was

A young fella` with a cute little beemer "Cafe Racer",
he was about 18 years old and his dad , bought him a Yammie XS 650
to get him his driverslicense ... that was the beginnin of a local biker heroe.
This helmet was the guy`s first helmet he had
He `s worn it for a decade , even to school and so ...
A few years back , he called me , he was gone take some oldshit out he says,
come and take a look bro .
On the pile of worn-out clothing and bits& pieces , was this worn-out
Are You trashing all of this I said , Yep he said ... laughin ,
and the Unapproachablehelmet ? Yep he said ...
You can have it , if you want to ...
This unwearable helmet`s hanging on my collectionwall
in my livingroom ever since.
When we were chasing names for the buddies some while ago ,
we came up with "the unapproachable" , what was written on the back
of the trashed helmet , now we `re glad we kept the small pispot , just for mascot.

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