Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome to The Unapproachables 'blogspot.

The Establishement of the Unapproachables is comming from deep down our roots.
It`s never bin an official name (IT`s now given by us), it`s always bin
more like an unspoken small club , for several of us even in second generation.
From mid sixties till mid eighties some of our parents wher living the motorcycle-live in and around our small town, also far beyond .
In mid seventies , they had a lot of buddies , hanging out the local pubs or
backyards , just havin a good time together spending they`re last bucks on the sickles they wher building .
Motorcycles not only for legal street use , also some of them had real race teams
for oval track , speedway sidecar , also for speed and dragracing , most of the time
build by a couple of buddies and friends , KINDA LIKE the things we`representing
right now , so the circle of hometown bikebuilders is a fact for shure , Amigòs por vida ...


  1. mmmm....kon ik al maar terug vlammen met mijn carreke,dat het maar rap goed weer word!!!!!!

  2. Da moe weer iet sjik van gemaakt worden e bro,
    veu et nief seizoen , een ander kleurke mss ,
    K zal es rond neuze dak geen bekke verf ni meer over hem , een blits kleurke ... :)
    Ik kom van de week nog langs , leut ma iet wete
    wanneer best ...


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